Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Very Good Day

I am quite liking these cold days 'cos I only go out if I really, really want to and I always get a great big cuddle when I come home again 'cos I am usually cold, but I soon warm up.

It wasn't a very good day for weather on my little island, so I stayed in nearly all the time and just had a couple of trips outside to see what was happening, but there wasn't too much going on, so I just went back inside and played with my MH and we both liked that a lot.

My humans haven't been doing very much either although the old dear has started going back into her little gym. I will probably go in with her one of these days, but to be honest, I am just too comfortable on my couch, so I prefer to wait till she comes back to me.

So, because of the not too good weather and yours truly being a wee bit lazy, there isn't any news for you at all, but I am a very well and a very happy little puss, and I hope you are very well and very happy too.

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