Thursday, 26 January 2017

Happy Happy

Oh we are all very happy today 'cos when my DH went away down to the pier to get all our messages,he brought back my MH's new computer and she was very happy! I was happy too, but then she started to do lots of work with it and there wasn't as much time for me as I would have liked, although I did get to cuddle in beside her while she was doing stuff with it. She says her camera is getting plugged in tomorrow and then I will be on it, so that made me a bit happier.

It has been a very cold day with lots of wind, so I haven't been out too much. I just stayed in and helped my MH with all her housework and then it was string time when the old boy came back from the boat. There were lots of boxes which meant lots of string which meant lots of playtime which makes a very happy little pussy cat.

I will be a lot happier tomorrow when my MH is finished working with her new computer and gives all her time to me!!

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