Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Just Normal

We didn't get up too early this morning. Just our usual time and it was another good day, so I was straight outside after my breakfast and I was happy. I stayed out for a long time and when I decided to go back inside I started to be very busy and I made my MH smile. She called me her little shadow and I shall tell you why.

She was doing lots of housework and wandered all over my house with her dusters and polishes and machines and ME! I found her in one room and sat and watched while she did all her work and then she moved to another room and two minutes later I was there too! Sometimes she didn't even see me coming in and only noticed me when she went to dust the bit I was on! Hee hee

This happened a few times and she told my DH that I was her little shadow but she liked it lots and lots and I was very happy keeping her company. It has been a quiet day in my house but a good day but my MH is nearly running out of patience waiting for her new computer to arrive. Maybe tomorrow. She watches for the postman coming and then is all disappointed when he doesn't have it. Oh dear.

If it doesn't arrive, I will need to give her lots of purrs and cuddles. but I know that will help lots. It always does!

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