Thursday, 12 January 2017


Yippee! but just a wee 'yippee' I'm afraid 'cos there was just a little bit of snow but it was enough for me to run in for a while and I got my adorable little paws all wet and cold. When I looked out of my window this morning, my grass was all white and I did get a bit excited so as soon as my little tummy was filled up, I shot outside to play and I managed to stay out for quite a while before I got too cold and had to go back in again. It was very cold!

If I was a swimming and climbing pussy cat, I could play in lots more snow 'cos there is a lot on top of the Hoy Hills and I will ask my MH to take a picture of them for you tomorrow. There is a wee stretch of water between my little island and Hoy so I would need to swim or get the boat and then I would need to climb right up to the top and that would take me a long, long time, so it is not really an option I'm afraid.I shall just need to wait till the snow comes to me. Oh dear.

I still have had a very good day and I have played with my humans inside as well as being outside a wee bit. It wasn't very windy this afternoon, but the wind is starting to shout at me again and I don't really like that. It is very cold so I am going to spend my night all cosied up beside my MH until I really have to go out!

I still need my little play before bedtime but by the sound of that wind it will only be for a very short time. I am brave and intrepid, but not silly! Hee hee

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  1. I'm catching up on my reading, and I am glad that you are enjoying the snow. We have had similar weather, but Aslan doesn't go outside, so he just looks at the snow. The wind has been bitter here too. I love the hills of Hoy and enjoy looking at pictures of them. Have a great day.