Tuesday, 17 January 2017


You know I have told you before that sometimes my humans do odd things, and to be honest my MH does the oddest things? Well, she excelled herself today and I was nearly phoning the man in the white coat to come and take her away!

I think I have your attention, have I not! Well, both my humans went out to the gym and I decided to join them and see what they were up to and you will never guess what my MH was doing. No, you really will NEVER guess! She tooked the lawn mower out! It is winter AND it was raining! Not very wise, eh?

I hung around for awhile to see if she was really going to try and cut wet grass, but you will be very happy to hear she didn't. Phew! She was only cleaning out the gym 'cos a little mouse had been in and made a wee bit of a mess, but it is all clean now.

I am a very relieved little puss as you can imagine and after that I had a very good day.

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