Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Well.... might have noticed that there aren't any new pictures of yours truly just now. Remember I told you that my MH's laptop was very sick? Well, she couldn't make it better and she has had to buy another one. So, till she gets one that she can work, she is using her iPad and it has just got lots of old pictures of me, but at least you can still see me!

She is not having a very good time just now 'cos her treadmill isn't working either so her little legs are just cycling but not walking much except round the house with me and my DH. Oh dear. We have had a good day though and I have been outside lots of times 'cos it hasn't been too cold.

I was helping my DH in the gym when he was cleaning it up after lots of little mouses had got in. Oh, I wonder if the mouses have broked the treadmill? Hmm, maybe I should keep that thought to my adorable little self. I am to be left in charge tomorrow as the Boss is going to Kirkwall and we will be up in the pitch dark again, but as soon as she has gone away in her little Kangaroo, I will be straight back into my little bed until the 'real' up time and then I will look after my DH.

I just hope he behaves! Hee hee

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