Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Little Monkey

That's what I got called today ---- quite a few times, I'm afraid. I was in an exploring mood all day and my humans kept catching me in places I shouldn't have been in. I was in the big cupboard when my MH went in to get something, but fortunately, she saw me and didn't shut me in like has happened on other days.

Then she opened a drawer and I just HAD to see what was in it, so I nipped inside for a second or two, but managed to nip out again before she shut it. My next visit was inside the little kitchen cupboard when she went in to take out the big rice dish and she left the door open. Well, if that's not an invitation, what is?

But my very bestest explore was inside this big black bag. My MH's friend gave her a present and it was in this bag and while she and my DH were looking to see what the present was, yours truly was looking to see what was inside the bag. And guess what there was? Yep, nothing! Just me!!

Don't be worried 'cos my humans knew where I was and I was safe. They are worried in case I get something called 'suffercated' so they watch me all the time, and whatever it is, I didn't get it. OK?

I have had a very good day and the weather has been very good too with some nice sunshine and a bit of frost, so my little island has looked lovely.

I hope you have had a good day too.

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