Friday, 3 February 2017

A Very Good Day

It hasn't been a very exciting day, but it has been a good day and I have liked it very much indeed. Fridays are good in my house 'cos that's when our weekend begins and we all take it very easy. There is no housework and no vacuum cleaner so that means lots of times for me and as you know, I like that.

It wasn't too bad a day for weather although it is still cold, but at least I wasn't getting rained on or blowed away, so I was quite happy. I sat under the honeysuckle bush for a while 'cos sometimes the little mouses come there, but there weren't any visitors today, so I just went home again.

I asked my MH to play with me and we had good fun for a long time which quite tired me out and I had to have a little snooze. But then she asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her and I was there before she had her walking shoes on. Hee hee

She played on her bike and I just sniffed around and then sat on the chair till her little legs were all done. Did I tell you she was getting a new treadmill? Well, she is 'cos the other was got broke a bit and won't go any more. We are getting a wee bit excited and as soon as it comes I will ask her to take some pictures for you.

I hope it is a good one 'cos maybe I will do some exercise on it as well and keep being a fit little puss. I shall give it some serious thinking.

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