Saturday, 4 February 2017


I am very content just now and life is very good to me. Everything in my house is going just the way I like it and we have all had a very good week. Nothing wildly exciting, you understand, but nothing bad either and that has to be good, sure it does?

This time last week my humans were getting all ready to go away and leave me, and my MH told my DH that she was glad it wasn't tonight, 'cos it is a tad windy and she doesn't like going out in the dark when it is windy. And I am very glad she is staying in with me too.

I have been out a few times but not for very long 'cos it is wet as well as windy, so I just go out one side of my house, have a quick run round the garden and then come in the other side and this always makes my humans laugh.

We were a wee bit worried this morning 'cos my MH had been watching Jessica as usual, and as soon as she had worked out who the murderer was---when all the hundreds of policemens couldn't!-- we put the television off, and when the old dear went to put on a light, we had no electricity! Oh dear, it was a bit of a worry, but she spoke to a nice man in the Hydro board and he said there was a broken wire somewhere and they were working very hard to fix it. I cuddled up beside my MH to make sure she didn't get cold, but about an hour later everything beeped and all our power comed back on again.

My MH told me a wee secret. She doesn't mind if the power is off during the day, but she hates going to bed when it is cold and she can't put on her electric blanket. I think I might be needed to give lots of cuddles if that happens.

We are all fine now and settling down to watch my television although I will probably have at least one more trip outside before I go and practice being an electric blanket!!

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