Friday, 24 February 2017

Fun Filled Friday

We have had a very good day. We have had quite a lazy day but it has been good and I have been very happy. It is still very cold on my little island and although my little weather man friend told me it might snow, it hasn't come yet and I have been waiting very patiently. Maybe tomorrow?

My MH wasn't too busy today but she did give me a big surprise when she asked me if I wanted to go a little walk with her. I wonder if you can guess what I said? Normally our milk gets delivered with our post but today it was left in a bag on the gate at the end of my road. The gates are all up round my house just now 'cos the nice farmer man next door has let his sheeps out to get some more grass. See? So, my MH needed to go for a wee wander to get the milk and I went for a wee wander with her and I loved it lots.

I did make her laugh when we got back to my house 'cos she went in through the gate and then helded it open for me, but do you know what I did? I jumped through the fence and landed on my grass with a big 'plop' and she laughed a lot.

I got another big surprise when we went inside 'cos my DH was getting rid of the boxes that the new television and treadmill comed in and of course I had to have a explore. The television box is the biggest one I have ever seen and I am sure my DH could build me a house with it---if I wanted a house of course!

I had great fun sniffing all round it and it was so big inside that I nearly got lost! Hee hee. I have asked the old dear to take some pictures of our television and treadmill and she said she will do it tomorrow, so I hope you can wait till then.

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