Thursday, 16 February 2017

Less Bounce

I have still had a good day, but I haven't been as lively today as I have been. I blame it on my age, hee hee.

It was house working day again and I helped the old dear when she worked in my bedroom and I got a big surprise when she changed the duvet covers again, but I did manage a quick game of hide and Squeak inside the duvet cover and that was really good.

My DH played with me lots when he comed back from the boat and he brought me a big bit of string that we played with for ages and that too was just the bestest of fun. I love string day and it makes me a very happy little Squeak when my humans play with me.

My MH went away to do crafty things in our Hall with her friends so I was left in charge of my DH and I looked after him vey well but I was very happy when my MH comed back to me again and I gave her my special cuddles and a very loud purr and she liked that millions!

So, it has been a good day and I have liked it lots.

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