Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not A Bad Day

I like Sundays 'cos we are all lazy in my house and my humans have lots and lots of time for me. I got quite a surprise when I nipped up onto my window sill this morning 'cos when I looked out into the field I saw lots of great big birdies. Lots bigger than the birdies that me and my humans feed every day and my MH told me these birdies were gooses and they were nearly as big as me, so I decided just to leave them in peace and watch them from my house.

I did lots of resting and snoozing and I also got lots of cuddles which always makes me happy. I was able to sit on my MH's knee lots of times and I purred very loudly as she stroked my adorable little lugs. My DH was watching the football on my television so we were all having a good time.

My MH played on her Wii again and I just lay on my couch and watched her. Oh dear, my dear friends, she does look so funny when she is doing some of her games and I won't describe how her little bum wiggles 'cos you might be eating, but oh, it does make me giggle--but only when she isn't looking, of course. I am a very wise puss!

We played a lot together when she was finished and I had a super time which I just loved. I found my little ball again and me and the old dear played football and it was magic.

So, my Sunday has been very good, but I am afraid I am to be abandoned tomorrow 'cos my MH has to take her knee to see the doctor and so my humans are going away on the first boat. And me? I shall see them off and then I shall head straight back to my little bed and rest until they come home to me again. Sigh.

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