Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rain and Wind

Oh dear. It has been a not good day for weather on my little island and this little puss has struggled to get outside, but I made it! I had a big long look for my intrepidness and when I found it, I nipped out the window and spent a wee while in my garden. Mind you, I had three attempts at the door before I finally made my move, and my MH was getting a tad annoyed at me---as well as a bit very wet 'cos the naughty wind was blowing all the rain into my porch and when I tried to get out, I got wet! I didn't like that so I turned back---about three or four times. Hee hee. Guess who was not best pleased?

I did feel a wee bit sorry for my MH today 'cos she was supposed to be going to Stromness to meet one of her friends, but the wind was too bad and the boatmens told her that maybe the boat wouldn't go, so she stayed home with me. That made ME very happy, and she liked being with me, but she was a wee bit sad at the same time. But, as usual, Squeak to the rescue. I asked her to play with me and we had such good fun that she forgot to be sad, so that was good, sure it was?

I got a big surprise in this morning 'cos my MH asked my DH to help her clean all the soft toys that she has on top of the wardrobes and we all went into my bedroom. I lay on top of my bed as my DH threw all the little toy animals down beside me so that I could have a sniff and then my MH cleaned them and gived them back to my DH who put them all back again. I liked watching, but it was very tiring and soon I was sound asleep and my humans just smiled and left me in peace.

I do like my little snoozes.

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