Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Up Early

We were wakened early this morning when it was still quite dark 'cos my DH decided he wanted to go to Stromness and had to get the early boat. I got up with him and let him give me my breakfast and I sat with him till he went away, and then I bounced straight back in beside my MH for another little snooze and I liked that 'cos I had a very good dream.

Me and my MH sat on my couch and we had a long chat while she stroked my adorable little lugs. Oh my dear friends it was heaven. I love sitting on my MH's knee as you can see from today's picture. It is my very favouritist seat and I know she likes it when I do it so it makes us both very happy.

My DH was back at lunch time and we all had a lazy afternoon doing not very much at all but it was good because the weather still isn't good enough for us to be outside, although I have had a couple of explores in my garden and in the fields, so that keeps me happy--- and fit!

My humans have to go out to a meeting tonight, but they have promised me it won't be too late till they are back home with me, so I shall probably have a snooze till they come home. My only problem is where to have it.

Oh, decisions, decisions!

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