Friday, 31 March 2017

Just a Normal Good Fun Day

The weather wasn't very good today and when we all wakened up there was a great big thick mist that meant we couldn't see anything else except us. I could hear the hooter of the big boat going into the harbour. The boat driver blows his horn so that all the little boats get out of his way in case they have a crash. Well, that's what I think anyway.

The mist came and went all day and sometimes it brought the rain with it which meant that there wasn't a lot of time for me to be out playing, but there was lot of fun for me inside 'cos my MH decided to change the beds today and I helped her and we just had the very bestest of fun which I loved. I got tickled and cuddled and I jumped all over our bedroom until I was so tired I had to lie down and have a snooze. Magic!

In the afternoon, I went into the gym with my MH and because the wind was blowing the rain away the other way, she was able to leave the door open for me to nip in and out as often as her little legs needed some encouragement. They do quite well on the bike and the treadmill, but sometimes they get a bit tired and when I appear and give them a wee purr it makes a big difference and they go fast again.

Not nearly as fast as me, you understand, but quite fast for a human!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Good Day

It was another very fine day on my little island and I have been outside nearly all day just loving every single minute of it especially as my DH was outside all day with me too. He had lots to do, so I watched him for a while and then I would go and play before coming back to see what he was doing and where he was doing it. I just loved it.

I knew what my MH was doing 'cos I could hear the vacuum cleaner but every time I heard it stopping, I would nip in and get a cuddle and one time she was having a wee seat and so I sat beside her and she liked that---and so did I.

In the afternoon, me and my MH went into the gym and I stayed with her for a long time just having a sniff all around while she did her exercises. She likes when I am with her and I like being beside her too. When she had finished and she was closing it all up getting ready to go back into my house, I heard a noise that frightened me and it was then that I nearly got a sore tummy.

Now, I am sure you are wondering how I could nearly get a sore tummy and of course I shall tell you. I heard this noise and I was frightened, but I shouldn't have worried 'cos it was just the nice farmer lady next door putting some feed for the sheeps into a big metal dish and it made a loud noise and with her calling to the sheeps and them making lots off 'baaa' sounds I was a wee bit scared and my MH knew I was frightened 'cos my adorable little tummy was right down on the ground as I went home very quickly and it was nearly scratching the chips we have on the path. Not the eating with salt and vinegar type chips, but the stone type chips that can make an adorable little puss cat's tummy a bit sore when it scrapes along the top of them. See? My MH opened the door quickly for me and I scooted into my house and then I was very fine.

I have had a super day and I am a bit tired now, but after a snooze I am sure I shall be heading outside again very soon to see how many new birdies are back to see me. Oh I just love this time of year.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Ups and Downs

Don't worry though 'cos there have been more ups than downs for this adorable little puss. Me and my MH had our usual cosy chat while my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop and I just sat on her knee while she scratched my little lugs and I purred lots and lots.

I had a few wee trips outside into my garden to see if any more of my birdy friends had come back to my little island, but my MH said it is maybe a bit too early yet. I shall keep looking, though. I am getting really good at timing my return for my little drop of milk and today was no exception and as soon as that was finished, I was back outside again.

Our day was a good one after that and I played in my garden and wandered through the fields before going home for a snooze. My MH was doing just little bits of housework and I rested until she was finished but as usual, she comed to find me lots of times so that she could get a cuddle. She went into the gym, but 'cos it was a tad windy, I decided to stay on my little bed till she came back to me again.

It was only when my DH comed home that I had a little mishap and it upset us all. I got shut in the big cupboard again! Oh how sad. Nobody knows how long I was in there 'cos nobody knows how I got in, but I wasn't happy at all. Fortunately, my MH doesn't like to be too long without me and when she noticed I wasn't in the living room, she looked in the bedrooms and when I wasn't there either, she opened the big cupboard door and out I popped, all sad and miserable and she was so upset!

She lifted me up and gave me a big cuddle and I just sat there for a long time while she told me she was sorry. I forgived her, but then I don't know if it was her or my DH that shut the door on me, but whoever it was is forgived.

I am resting now while I recover from the trauma and my MH keeps looking to see that I am where I should be and that makes me very happy.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Not Too Bad

It wasn't a great day weather wise, but it didn't keep me in too much. I went out as usual after my breakfast and had a wee sniff round my garden, then back in just in time for my milk which I just love.Me and my MH said cheerio to my DH as he went away away to the Cat Shop and then we had a chat and a cuddle before she started some more housework and I went to my little bed for a sleep till she was finished.

It was quite an easy day in my house but I had a few trips outside and a wee play on the grass. It was a bit too cold for me but I do love being outside. In fact, my love of being outside nearly got me in trouble. When my DH comed back home he had lots of things things to do outside and one of the times when he was going out, I nipped out too but he didn't see me and a while later my MH looked all over the house for me but couldn't find me. She was getting worried when I nipped up on to my window sill and asked to be let in.

She was very happy to see me! I love having all these adventures and I like telling you all about them. I hope you like hearing about what I get up to.

Monday, 27 March 2017

More Good Times

It was bright and sunny when I wakened up this morning. Although I should tell you that when it was bright and sunny, that was the third time I had wakened up through the night and I am afraid my poor old MH was just a tiny tad annoyed with moi!

You see, for some reason known only to my adorable little self, I decided not to go out before my bedtime last night and that meant that I was full of beans in the very early hours of this morning and I thought that the old dear might appreciate a wee game with me. I was sort of wrong---bigtime! It tooked me a long time to waken her and I had to resort to clattering the little light switch off the dressing table mirror until she finally surfaced. I got a wee feed and then we had a chat before she falled asleep again. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I accepted it anyway.

The rest of my day was very good and because it was warm and not windy, my humans could leave the door open for me and I could just nip in and out as much as I wanted and that suited me just fine, and then my MH decided to wash the front windows so she was outside with me and she played with me when she had finished her work.

I had another toy to play with this afternoon when my DH was making something to wrap up a parcel in and he was using an old cardboard box so when he was finished, it became MINE and I played for a long time in it and sometimes I just sat in it for a wee think.

I liked it lots and 'specially when the old dear comed down on to the floor to play with me. That really was the goodest of fun. I think I had better go outside before bedtime or I might be in serious trouble if I waken her up through this night.

I shall let you know.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Very Good Day

We have all had a super, duper day and I have been a very happy Squeak. For some reason, known only to her dear little self, my MH played with all our clocks again and we were all up an hour too early. I was surprised that the old boy didn't complain, but he just accepted what she had done. Sometimes I do not understand my humans at all!

I didn't mind being up early 'cos my little weather man friend had sended me some good weather and so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled I was straight out of the window and into my garden and it was just lovely. I was able to wander about nice and slowly and have a wee listen to the birdies chirping at me and I liked that. There are lots of starlings that come into my garden to get a feed and today I saw two pigeons as well. They must have been hungry, so I didn't chase them away 'cos I am a very good puss.

I sat lots of times with my MH but I got a great big surprise when she comed outside with her basin of water and her cloths and I thought she was going to wash our windows again, but I was wrong. She washed her little kangaroo and I helped her and we both had brilliant fun. In fact I was inside her little car for the first time ever today and it was quite nice. She had left all the doors open, so I nipped in for a nosey and a sniff and she was quite happy about that.

I nearly had a little accident though and if I told you that she was using the hose to scoot cold water on her car, maybe you can guess what nearly happened? Yes, I nearly got a bath! She had put the hose down on the grass and just as I went to have a sniff at it, she switched it on 'cos she wasn't looking at me and the water scooshed out and just missed me. Phew!

I have never had a bath and that is how I intend to keep it! I shall have to keep my eye on her in future--just in case she tries that again! :-))

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A No News Day

As I told you yesterday, my MH had to go to Kirkwall and she had to leave me and my DH all alone. We had a good day, though and he played with me every time I asked him to and we had some work to do outside so I got to play with him in my garden too.

But I got so excited when I saw my MH's little kangaroo coming back and I ran to meet her and I got a great big cuddle which made me purr really loud and that made her smile. I followed her round my house when she was putting all her things away and I kept giving her gentle head butts to tell her how much I had missed her and she told me that she had missed me lots too.

I am now having a wee rest before I wander out again, but I am a very happy little Squeak and I hope you are happy too.

Friday, 24 March 2017

A Wee Bit Disappointing

I suppose you have guessed that the weather hasn't been to my liking today? Well you would be right. It was windy and cold and not nearly as good as yesterday, but to be quite honest, I wasn't all that upset 'cos I enjoyed just resting.

Friday is a quiet day in my house with no house work so I get lots and lots of attention and that's another reason why I was quite happy being indoors, although I did go out a couple of times, really just to get cuddled warm again when I went back home.

I played lots with my MH and we played my favourite game of hide and seek where I hide under my blanket and I lie so very still that she can't find me, but then when she calls my name, I get a wee bit excited and my little wagger gives the game away. She finds me and gives me a cuddle and then we do the same thing all over again. And I just love it millions!

It is just going to be me and my DH at home tomorrow 'cos my MH is going away to Kirkwall but she won't be away from me too long and then when she comes home, I can sit on her knee while she tells me all about her day.

And I love that too.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Still Brilliant

I didn't want to be disappointed, so when I wakened up this morning, I just opened one eye and I was so happy to see that it was still a good day that I shot out of the window as soon as my MH opened it. I didn't even wait for my breakfast, and it was only after I had been out for a while that my adorable little tummy told me it was hungry, so I had to go back home for a feed.

My DH was working outside for the whole day and it was such a fine day that my MH left the door open so I was able to wander in and out as much as I wanted. I could go and see what the old boy was doing and that way I was able to avoid the vacuum cleaner, but if my MH was having a rest, then I could get a cuddle, so I really had the best of both worlds.

I helped my MH wash the outsides of our windows and we had lots of fun. Now, when I say 'I helped' I didn't physically help, but I gave her lots of encouragement and I kept her company 'cos I know she likes that a lot.

I went into the gym with her as well and kept an eye on her as her little legs did more of their hard work. I didn't stay in all the time 'cos I needed to have fun in my garden and I knew she was doing OK so I played until I heard her switching off her treadmill and then I ran in to see her and we both went back inside together.

I like this time 'cos she always needs a wee seat, and I usually plonk my adorable little bum on her knee and we sit there for a long time just having a rest and a chat.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Millions Better!

Oh I have been such a happy little Squeak today 'cos the weather on my little island has been just brilliant, and to be very honest, I think I might have something to do with that. Shall I explain? Of course, I shall.

Last night, while I was lying on my couch having a little snooze before I headed out into the night time, my little weather man friend came on my television and I asked him--very politely--if he would please send me some good weather so that I could get out to play. And guess what? He did!! Yippee. He sended me some sunshine but he tooked away all the rain and the wind and that meant that I could play outside as much as I wanted. Oh thank you very much, my little weather man friend. My MH likes him too, 'cos when he is on late at night and when he is finished telling us all about the weather, he always says 'night night' and my MH likes that and she says 'night night' back to him. I haven't the heart to tell the old dear that he can't hear her. I just pretend for her.

So anyway, back to me. Since it was Cat Shop day again, the old boy was up first, but when I saw how good the day was, I got up as well and went straight out into my garden and I loved it. I was out so long that I nearly missed my little drop of milk, but I just managed back inside in the nick of time. Phew!

I even went into the gym with my MH but while she was doing her exercises, I played outside and every now and then I would nip in to see her and to tell her to go a bit faster and she liked my help, but then she always does.

She tooked some new pictures of me just for you and in one she nearly chopped my adorable little head off as I scooted through my fence, but I am sure you will enjoy an action picture of yours truly.

So, I have had a very good day and I am now in my favourite place, all cosied up beside my MH and there I will stay till it is time to go out and play again. Oh, I am loving this MILLIONS!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Not a Lot Better

Well, my day hasn't been all that bad although it could have been better. When my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop, I heard him telling my MH that there was snow in Scotland and I thought that maybe it was coming here to me and I waited all day but it never comed. Sigh.

There was some rain and some wind and it was very cold, so after a couple of very short trips outside, I settled down for a restful day. A friend of ours comed to see my MH and she made a big fuss of me which suited me just fine. I must admit that I did get a little bit excited and I sort of jumped all over my living room which made her and my MH smile a lot.

I spent the rest of my afternoon sitting beside my MH or sleeping on my couch so that means that I don't have very much news for you again, I'm afraid.

I don't think I will have much news for you until the weather gets better and then I can tell you all about my adventures. I just hope you can wait for me till then, although if I ask my MH to play with me tomorrow, we can tell you all about that.

You would like that, sure you would?

Monday, 20 March 2017

What a Day

I wakened up this morning all excited and looking forward to getting out to play and when I looked out of the window I was so disappointed to see that it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale. The sea was filled with white horses and this adorable little puss knew that she wouldn't be going anywhere! Boo

I sat beside my MH and we had a long chat and she told me not to worry about the rotten weather 'cos she would keep me happy and entertained and then I was happy again. I knew it was house working day but I knew too that she would come and find me and cuddle me whenever I wanted her to so I was sure I would have a good day anyway.

It is now after dinner time and I still haven't been out. I have been as far as the window sill beside the open window, but I wouldn't go out into the awful weather. I have been as far as the open door, but I got blowed back into my kitchen. There might just be the tiniest exaggeration there, but I wasn't going out anyway.

It is still raining but not just as windy, so maybe I will wander out before my sleeping all night time. I will give that some serious consideration.

I have had a good day though, with lots of cuddles and I have been happy so I am not really complaining. Well, not very much anyway! Hee hee

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Discovery

I have made a ginormous discovery today. And here it is. It is very tiring being adorable!
I shall let you digest that for a second or two, but it is what I have found out today. I have had a very good day, although through the night time, I was not a very pleased little puss and I shall explain that too.

My DH got up early in the middle of this night and I got up with him expecting a wee biscuit for my troubles and do you now what he did? He went back to bed and ignored me! Even when I yowled at him he still didn't do anything and I was not happy at all. When I told my MH she said he was probably still asleep, and methinks she is probably right. But that doesn't make me any happier with him and he will need to do a lot to make up for all my heartache! Hee hee

My day did get better and I was out playing quite a lot. I think I am getting used to the cold 'cos I was able to stay out a while longer before scooting home for a cuddle, and it was then that I found out how tiring it was being adored 'cos we had two visitors who came over to see me and my MH.

The first visitors was our friend M. who I hadn't seen for a long time and she thought I was looking wonderful. I did not disagree. The next visitor was my very bestest friend S. and we had a long blether and a cuddle and I liked that lots and lots.

After all that adoration I discovered that I was a tad sleepy so I am now having a snooze on my chair but I might wander over to cuddle up beside the old dear. I know she likes that and she gets very lonely without me beside her.

So, that has been my day. I hope yours has been a good day too.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Not Much News....

.... but still a good day. Me and my DH were up very early this morning 'cos he needed a wee drink of water and I had to go with him to make sure he was Ok and he liked that. We had a wee chat and then went back to bed before my MH knowed we were even up and that was quite exciting for me.

Later on, me and the old dear got up and as usual, we watched Jessica solving all the problems of the world before my MH decided to do a wee bit of work and she changed the beds. Now, why on a Saturday, I hear you ask. Well, it was quite a fine morning, but by the time she had them all washed and ready to hang outside, the rain comed on and she wasn't very happy, but we have a pulley so she put them there and that was OK.

We still had lots of fun changing the beds and I was lots of places I shouldn't have been, but I only go there so that I can get tickled when I get lifted off again and put down where I should be. See? I went outside a couple of times with my DH but it was a bit too cold for me and for him too, so we didn't stay out too long, then I tooked my MH into the gym 'cos her little legs needed some more exercise, but while they were doing all their walking, I went and played in my garden till she was ready to go home and then we both went in together.

So, maybe I have some news for you after all, but I hope you are having a good weekend like I am.

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Happy Day

I have had a very good day. I have had a very normal day. My humans have been at home and so it has been a super duper day. I am always at my happiest when we are all at home together and especially when my MH doesn't do any housework 'cos then there is always lots and lots of time for me.

I went outside this morning after we had finished our breakfast but oh my, it was cold. SO cold! I had to keep running fast so that I didn't freeze to the spot. Maybe a wee exaggeration, but my adorable little body was very cold so when I went back inside, I asked my MH for one of her special cuddles and in no time at all I was lovely and cosy again. And very happy. She decided that we needed some scones and pancakes and other little cakes, so she did some baking while I sat in the kitchen and watched her and she talked to me all the time and I liked that.

I had quite a few trips outside to help my DH in our greenhouse and that was good fun too 'cos he told me we would need to get it all ready for our tomatoes so I had a good look round before having a wee seat on the chair while he did lots of work.

I am now in my very favouritist position which is curled up beside my MH with my head on her laptop while she is writing all about me. I am having a wee snooze and she keeps stroking my adorable little lugs which makes me very happy.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lots Better

I am much happier today 'cos both my humans have been at home with me and I haven't been left alone even for one single minute and that pleases me MILLIONS!

Even though it was house working day I didn't mind 'cos every now and then my MH would come and find me to give me a cuddle and tell me she loved me and I liked that lots so I am happy. I have spent my day just wandering about my house or lying on the back of my couch resting 'cos it has been a bit too cold and windy for me to go out. I did try a couple of times, but I turned back 'cos it was raining on me. I know I will need to go outside before bedtime, but not yet.

I was a little bit naughty today and that is why my MH has sended you a picture of some of her ornaments. When she was playing on her Wii I decided to do and see what was at the back of our television and although I know I shouldn't be there, I didn't listen when she told me 'no', and I nipped down the back of the unit that it sits on.

She stopped what she was doing and told me to come out and finally when I heard her get a wee bit annoyed I nipped through this top shelf and guess what? I didn't knock down one single little ornament and the old dear was very pleased with me.

I maybe won't go down the back of my television for a wee while----maybe! Hee hee

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Oh Dear

Another day all by myself. I shall give you a second or two to digest that sad, sad news. OK? Well, it wasn't really a whole day, it was sort of a half day, or if you want me to be completely accurate, it was four hours. I know, I know, four hours isn't nearly a whole day or even a half day, but when you are a pussy cat who is used to having her humans in the house with her all the time, it is still a very long day to be left all alone.

My DH had to go to the Cat Shop so he went away at half past ten o'clock in this morning and me and my MH had a wee chat and a cuddle until it was time for her to go away at quarter past twelve to go to the dentist, but they both comed home to me at quarter past four o'clock and as soon as I heard the door, I scooted into the kitchen and got a great big cuddle which made me very happy.

So you will understand that I have no news for you, but the good news is that my MH told me that she will be at home with me now all the time and she will make sure that I am not lonely and can have as many cuddles as I like.

I like that news!!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lonely Squeak

I have been a lonely little pussy cat today 'cos both my humans had to go to a meeting and it lasted nearly all day. Between you and me though, I wasn't all that worried 'cos it was blowing a gale outside and there was rain and hail as well so it wasn't really a day for little puss cats to be outside.

I had my breakfast and I did try to go out about three times, but each time I decided that I wasn't ready and my poor old MH was getting a bit worried 'cos she knew I had to go out but she couldn't leave the window and as it was getting near the time for them to go away in her little kangaroo, it had to be soon . There was no way she was going to go away and leave me outside. She knows I don't like getting hailed on or blowed away.

However, on the forth time ---or was it the fifth time?--- I scooted out and ran as fast as these adorable little legs could take me to get some shelter and there I stayed for a while. A wee while later I heard the old dear calling for me and I made her laugh when I bounded over the fields and straight through the fence and into the house for a heat and a cuddle.

And there I stayed till my humans came back to me and then I got lots of cuddles which I loved. The wind is still shouting at us so I don't think I will be going out very much again tonight. Maybe just one wee trip before bedtime, but we'll see.

Monday, 13 March 2017

No Mist

I rushed to the window as soon as I wakened up this morning and I was very happy to see that the world was still there and that all the mist had gone away. It was a bit windy though so I kind of annoyed my MH a wee bit 'cos when she was trying to eat her breakfast I kept asking to go out, but as soon as she opened the window or the door, I saw that it was too blowy and wouldn't go. And I tried this lots of times until she threatened to throw me out. But she didn't, and I know she wouldn't---I think! :-))

I went outside a few times with my DH and we had a wander round the garden and then did some work in the greenhouse. It will soon be time to get it ready for all our plants and I always like that time, so I am getting quite excited already.

It was house working day and all the dusters, brushes and polishes were out so I just did my normal Monday 'thing' and followed her from room to room so that I was always there when she needed to cuddle me and then I would give her a wee purr.

I watched her in the afternoon as she played on her Wii and then I asked her to come down on the floor with me to play with my toys which she did and we played for a long time which was good. When we are playing, she talks to me all the time and that makes me very happy as you can see from this picture.

It just look as though I am having a good giggle. And who knows--maybe I am!

Sunday, 12 March 2017


I had a very good sleep last night all cuddled up beside my MH. At one point, when it was very dark in the middle of the night time, she had to get up and of course, I got up with her and got a wee biscuit before going back to bed, but before we went to sleep again we had a wee chat in the dark time and I just love that. It feels like a special time when we can hear one another but we can't see much. Lovely!

Then I wakened up and I still couldn't see anything, but it wasn't the dark that was making it difficult, it was because it was very misty and when it is like that it feels as though there is nothing at all in the world except my house. I am still not sure if I like that or not. However, by the time we all had finished our breakfast, the mist was beginning to roll away and I could see that the rest of the world was still where it should be, and I was a very relieved little puss.

I did go out to play a few times and I even helped my MH when she was in the gym doing her exercises and I know she is happy when I am in beside her. We had just finished this when my friend S. came to see us and she brought my MH a present of an ornament shaped like a pussy cat which she will put in the garden and I got some biscuits which I will put in my adorable little tummy! Thank you S.

I am snoozing now but I will be going out later on if the rain goes away and then I am sure I will have another good night's sleep.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Super Saturday

I have had a very good day today, even though I have been called a little monkey--two times! I wakened up full of beans and as soon I heard that there was no wind and no rain, I was even more happy so I sort of started bouncing around the bedroom before the old dear was wakened. Oops!

I jumped up onto the dressing table and clunked the little light switch against the mirror 'cos I know that always wakens her, and it did. We had a wee chat in the quiet before we got up and I liked that. We have to whisper in case we waken my DH although it is very unlikely that would ever happen. I think my MH would need to be yelling before he wakened! Hee hee

Anyway, when she was getting all ready I sort of noticed the plug for one of her chargers so I started to play with that. It was quite safe 'cos it wasn't plugged in, you understand, but that was when monkey number one appeared and my MH told me I had to stop, which I did---eventually! Then I had a long play outside after I had finished up all of my milk and as my DH was outside quite a lot, I had company whenever I wanted, and then when I needed a cuddle, I knew just to nip in through the window and there would be one waiting for me. There is always one waiting for me and I like that lots.

Monkey number two came when my humans were sitting down having their dinner. My MH had tooked off her fleece and put it over the back of her chair and I was having a wee sniff round my kitchen when I noticed something that I knew I would like. Said fleece has a cord to tie it at the bottom and the cord has little knots at the ends and these little knots were sort of lying on the floor. So, I decided that these little knots were not knots but big monsters and I dived on them and killed them. My MH saw what I was doing and she smiled as she watched me wriggling my adorable little bum before making one of my famous leaps onto these monsters and making them very dead. I saved the world!

I know it is all in my imagination but it makes me happy and it makes my MH smile. So that has to be good, sure it does?

Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Fun

It was a fine morning when we all wakened up so after my normal routine of waiting till my MH had finished her cereal then drinking up my little drop of milk, I nipped outside and had a lovely leisurely walk around the garden and saw the little birdies. I liked that and I stayed out for a long time before nipping back in the window for the first of my many cuddles.

Both my humans were at home with me, and 'cos it was Friday, there was very little housework so lots of time for me. I did a couple of my silly runs into the bedroom which tells my MH that I am needing her to play with me and we had our usual tickling game on my blanket. I just love that millions.

The old dear tooked her little legs into the gym for their exercise this afternoon, but I decided just to have a snooze till she comed back home and then after she had a little rest, I clattered my window chimes and when she asked me what I wanted, I told her I needed to play again.

She came down on the floor with me and we played with my toys for a while which was just brilliant but I am a tad tired now so, as usual, my adorable little head is resting gently on her keyboard and she is writing this round about me and every time she stretches her hand, she tickles my little lugs and that makes me very happy.

I am looking forward to a good weekend and I hope you have a good time too.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


I have had a good day. I have been a bit lazy again but a few times I asked my MH to play with me and when we went into the bedroom, I snuggled under my blanket to play hide and Squeak and she founded me and tickled me and it was just brilliant, so I asked her to do it lots of times, and of course, she did.

I was in the middle of one of my little snoozes when I heard my DH coming in with some boxes and I remembered that it was string day, so I shot through to the kitchen and he played with me and the string which was great. I do like string days.

I haven't been out very much because it is still cold, but I am quite happy in my house and I do go outside to get some fresh air and have a wee run round my garden, but I am looking forward to the warmer days when I can spend lots of times outside and when my humans will be out with me too.

That is the very best of times and I can't wait.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Rainy Day

I was up at my normal time this morning-- much to the relief of my MH-- and as soon as I saw the rain running down my window I decided I would have another wee snooze. In fact, when my DH is going to the Cat shop it is better to stay out of the way until he is all ready, so me and my MH just had another wee cuddle up together until the coast was clear and then we went and joined him for a wee chat.

I sat on my widow sill but it was too wet and windy for the window to be opened so I just looked out from the inside. We waved him away and then me and the old dear sat on my couch and had a chat about what we might do with our day, but I knew that unless all the rain stopped then I wouldn't be going anywhere at all.

So, I was inside nearly all day, but I finally decided that I needed some fresh air just as my humans were having their dinner and so I asked my MH top open the door and I shot out into the cold and the rain as quick as my adorable little feets would take me.

I think a whole ten minutes must have passed before I decided that enough was enough and I jumped up onto the kitchen window and shouted to be let back in again. Quickly! My MH had a wee giggle when she let me in 'cos as soon as she opened the door, I rushed in and nearly knocked her over and I think I might have sounded a wee bit angry with the noises I was making. Oh dear. But as soon as I got lifted up and cuddled I was very fine again and just purred in my usual happy way.

Will I be going out again? Who knows, but I will tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bouncing Again

Yep, my get up and go has comed back to me and it brought a lot of its friends with it, so I have been bouncing all round my house and garden. In fact, I was so full of energy that I thought I might go out to play a wee bit earlier than usual, so I wakened my MH and asked her politely to let me out, but I'm afraid it was only half past five in this morning and she wasn't too very happy with me. Oh dear, sorry MH.

We all finally got up--- at the right time!--- and after my breakfast and wee drop of milk, I headed straight out to play again and I had very good fun and even when I went inside, I could sit on the window sill with my adorable little nose still on the outside and that was just super.

I helped the old dear with some of her work and then she went out to do some crafty things with her friends, but she left the window open for me so I was able to nip in and out just as much as I wanted. So, I have had a very good day and now, because I was up just a tad too early this morning, I am a wee bit sleepy so I am going to have a little snooze and then I will have another little explore before bedtime.

But, I am very pleased to report that I am well and truly back to my normal, adorable little self, so worry not. I am very, very fine.

Monday, 6 March 2017

A Little Off Colour

I have just been a tad off colour today and my get up and go seems to have got up and went! But just for a little while, I hope. I didn't go out much and I have had been sleeping for most of the day, but I am hoping that my get up and go stuff will find its way back to me soon.

It was house working day in my house but I think my MH was a wee bit worried about me 'cos every now and then she would come and find me and give my adorable little lugs a wee scrunch and I liked it lots.

My DH was at home with us too but he is going to the Cat Shop tomorrow. Me and my MH have had a wee smile and I'll tell you why. You know my DH used to work in the Cat Shop two times in the week and then he decided that he didn't want to any more and then he decided again that he might do one day a week 'cos he was missing it a wee bit? Well, he went back last Wednesday and he liked it so much that he has decided to go back two days a week again and that's why we are smiling. But we are happy about it 'cos he is a happy DH.

I don't have any more news but I am hoping I will have lots more oomph tomorrow. I shall let you know.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Much Happier Puss

My Sunday has been very good and I have liked it very much. We didn't get up too early and then we all had a lazy day. My MH is feeling a bit better but she still has the cold and sounds funny--not that you heard it from me!

Our Sunday started off as normal with my MH on the couch having her breakfast and watching 'Jessica' and me on my MH's knee having the last little drop of her milk before having a wander round my happy hunting grounds. Happy days.

Then me and my DH went outside to feed all our birdie friends before he watched the football and he was happy 'cos his team won. Phew! The rest of our day just passed with a wee bit of play and lots of cuddles and then one of my MH's friends comed to see us and she bringed her doggy with her, but she made it stay outside my house in case it would upset me. I have never been very close up to a doggy so I don't know how I would react, but my humans don't want me to be upset, so it is just me in my house and no other animals. Just as it should be, methinks.

The weather isn't too bad although it is a bit cold, so I have been going out but I don't stay out too long and make sure I get a cuddle when I come back in. You know I do like my cuddles, but I am afraid that my MH was very sneaky last night 'cos when I was having a lovely snooze on her knee, she de-flead and de-wormed me and I didn't even know till I felt it on my adorable little neck a long while later.

You know I love her millions, but sometimes she is sneaky! Boo!!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Plan Foiled

Well, there I was, all ready to sneak out and go down to the Hall to listen to the concert and then when it was just about finished, I would scoot home and be back before my humans comed home. Brilliant plan eh? Except for one tiny little flaw. My MH shut the window! Oh dear, I was not best pleased, I can tell you.

So, there was nothing else for me to do but to have a snooze till they comed home again. They weren't too long and I did get lots of cuddles, but it tooked me a long time to get over my disappointment. Hee hee

You will be happy to know that I have been in a much better mood today and even though it hasn't been a great day weather-wise I still have had a good time. My poor old MH still has a wee bit of a cold, but she is feeling a lot better now and she said it was because I was looking after her so well. I gived her lots of cuddles today and I have been sitting on her knee lots of times and that always makes her very happy.

I have been outside a few times to have a chat to the sheeps, but I was getting very wet, so I have decided to stay in now until just before bedtime. My humans have had to dry me about four times today, so I think that is enough wetness for one day.

I am very wise as well as adorable---oh, and modest too! Hee hee

Friday, 3 March 2017

What a Day!

It has been like Spring on my little island and I have been out playing nearly all day and that makes me a very happy little Squeak.

At one point in this morning, my DH came into my garden and he started to play with me. Then he laughed as I started racing all over the grass. It was still a bit wet but that didn't bother this intrepid little puss one little bit. I was hoping the old boy might chase me, but 'twas not to be. Pity!

I don't have lots of news but I am very well and very happy except that I am to be left on my own tonight as the humans are going to a concert in our little Hall.

I have been told it is just for a little while but the window will probably be left open for me so that's fine.

In fact, if I feel like it, I may just wander down to the Hall and have a listen from the outside without anybody seeing me.

Oh, wouldn't that be the bestest adventure ever?

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Oh Dear

Remember I told you yesterday that my poor old MH had a cold? Well, it is a lot more worser today. She is coughing and sneezing and when she talks her voice is so funny that it makes me giggle---but I make sure she doesn't see me. I don't want to hurt her feelings :-))

We did a wee bit of housework today and we also had lots of seats and cuddles but it was very cold and wet so I didn't go out very much although I had a long trip out after my dinner and managed to get caught in some hail and some rain and needed a great big warming up cuddle when I did get back in. It tooked me a long time 'cos the rain wouldn't stop long enough to let me get as far as my window and I was only a few wee paw prints away, but the rain was heavy and I didn't want to be ringing again. It's a long time since I have been ringing. Maybe I am just getting wiser.

I am now cuddled up beside my MH while she is writing to you and my adorable little head is on her laptop and every now and then she strokes my little lugs and I love that so I give her a big purr and that makes her happy.

She says she is going to bed early tonight to see if she can get rid of her cold, and unless all the rain goes away, I shall probably go with her to snuggle up and keep her warm. That might make her all better, I hope.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Still Quiet

It was quite a fine morning when we all wakened up and the first thing I noticed was that our alarm went off which means that at least one of my humans is going away to leave me, so I knew I had to have a quick look outside before boat time.

I finished my breakfast and went into my garden but it was so cold that I comed back in again very quickly and got a warm-me-up cuddle which always makes getting cold worth it. I sat very patiently and watched as my humans put all their things in the car and then they both went away and I was a bit sad and thought 'hey ho a lonely day'. I sat on my window sill for a while and then decided to have a snooze and I was somewhere in the middle of this when I heard my door opening and I was delighted to see that it was my MH back again. Yippee!

To be honest, if I had thought a wee bit, I would have known that as she tooked her guitar with her, she was probably just going to the Hall and I would have been right. The minister was here and she had to go and play her guitar but just for a little time and then she was back to me.

We had a lazy afternoon but she didn't go to her gym 'cos she has a little cold and didn't feel like doing any exercises so she just cuddled up with me on my couch and I made her feel lots better.

I am such a good puss, am I not?