Friday, 17 March 2017

A Happy Day

I have had a very good day. I have had a very normal day. My humans have been at home and so it has been a super duper day. I am always at my happiest when we are all at home together and especially when my MH doesn't do any housework 'cos then there is always lots and lots of time for me.

I went outside this morning after we had finished our breakfast but oh my, it was cold. SO cold! I had to keep running fast so that I didn't freeze to the spot. Maybe a wee exaggeration, but my adorable little body was very cold so when I went back inside, I asked my MH for one of her special cuddles and in no time at all I was lovely and cosy again. And very happy. She decided that we needed some scones and pancakes and other little cakes, so she did some baking while I sat in the kitchen and watched her and she talked to me all the time and I liked that.

I had quite a few trips outside to help my DH in our greenhouse and that was good fun too 'cos he told me we would need to get it all ready for our tomatoes so I had a good look round before having a wee seat on the chair while he did lots of work.

I am now in my very favouritist position which is curled up beside my MH with my head on her laptop while she is writing all about me. I am having a wee snooze and she keeps stroking my adorable little lugs which makes me very happy.

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