Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Much Happier Puss

My Sunday has been very good and I have liked it very much. We didn't get up too early and then we all had a lazy day. My MH is feeling a bit better but she still has the cold and sounds funny--not that you heard it from me!

Our Sunday started off as normal with my MH on the couch having her breakfast and watching 'Jessica' and me on my MH's knee having the last little drop of her milk before having a wander round my happy hunting grounds. Happy days.

Then me and my DH went outside to feed all our birdie friends before he watched the football and he was happy 'cos his team won. Phew! The rest of our day just passed with a wee bit of play and lots of cuddles and then one of my MH's friends comed to see us and she bringed her doggy with her, but she made it stay outside my house in case it would upset me. I have never been very close up to a doggy so I don't know how I would react, but my humans don't want me to be upset, so it is just me in my house and no other animals. Just as it should be, methinks.

The weather isn't too bad although it is a bit cold, so I have been going out but I don't stay out too long and make sure I get a cuddle when I come back in. You know I do like my cuddles, but I am afraid that my MH was very sneaky last night 'cos when I was having a lovely snooze on her knee, she de-flead and de-wormed me and I didn't even know till I felt it on my adorable little neck a long while later.

You know I love her millions, but sometimes she is sneaky! Boo!!

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