Saturday, 25 March 2017

A No News Day

As I told you yesterday, my MH had to go to Kirkwall and she had to leave me and my DH all alone. We had a good day, though and he played with me every time I asked him to and we had some work to do outside so I got to play with him in my garden too.

But I got so excited when I saw my MH's little kangaroo coming back and I ran to meet her and I got a great big cuddle which made me purr really loud and that made her smile. I followed her round my house when she was putting all her things away and I kept giving her gentle head butts to tell her how much I had missed her and she told me that she had missed me lots too.

I am now having a wee rest before I wander out again, but I am a very happy little Squeak and I hope you are happy too.

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