Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Rainy Day

I was up at my normal time this morning-- much to the relief of my MH-- and as soon as I saw the rain running down my window I decided I would have another wee snooze. In fact, when my DH is going to the Cat shop it is better to stay out of the way until he is all ready, so me and my MH just had another wee cuddle up together until the coast was clear and then we went and joined him for a wee chat.

I sat on my widow sill but it was too wet and windy for the window to be opened so I just looked out from the inside. We waved him away and then me and the old dear sat on my couch and had a chat about what we might do with our day, but I knew that unless all the rain stopped then I wouldn't be going anywhere at all.

So, I was inside nearly all day, but I finally decided that I needed some fresh air just as my humans were having their dinner and so I asked my MH top open the door and I shot out into the cold and the rain as quick as my adorable little feets would take me.

I think a whole ten minutes must have passed before I decided that enough was enough and I jumped up onto the kitchen window and shouted to be let back in again. Quickly! My MH had a wee giggle when she let me in 'cos as soon as she opened the door, I rushed in and nearly knocked her over and I think I might have sounded a wee bit angry with the noises I was making. Oh dear. But as soon as I got lifted up and cuddled I was very fine again and just purred in my usual happy way.

Will I be going out again? Who knows, but I will tell you tomorrow.

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