Friday, 31 March 2017

Just a Normal Good Fun Day

The weather wasn't very good today and when we all wakened up there was a great big thick mist that meant we couldn't see anything else except us. I could hear the hooter of the big boat going into the harbour. The boat driver blows his horn so that all the little boats get out of his way in case they have a crash. Well, that's what I think anyway.

The mist came and went all day and sometimes it brought the rain with it which meant that there wasn't a lot of time for me to be out playing, but there was lot of fun for me inside 'cos my MH decided to change the beds today and I helped her and we just had the very bestest of fun which I loved. I got tickled and cuddled and I jumped all over our bedroom until I was so tired I had to lie down and have a snooze. Magic!

In the afternoon, I went into the gym with my MH and because the wind was blowing the rain away the other way, she was able to leave the door open for me to nip in and out as often as her little legs needed some encouragement. They do quite well on the bike and the treadmill, but sometimes they get a bit tired and when I appear and give them a wee purr it makes a big difference and they go fast again.

Not nearly as fast as me, you understand, but quite fast for a human!

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