Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lonely Squeak

I have been a lonely little pussy cat today 'cos both my humans had to go to a meeting and it lasted nearly all day. Between you and me though, I wasn't all that worried 'cos it was blowing a gale outside and there was rain and hail as well so it wasn't really a day for little puss cats to be outside.

I had my breakfast and I did try to go out about three times, but each time I decided that I wasn't ready and my poor old MH was getting a bit worried 'cos she knew I had to go out but she couldn't leave the window and as it was getting near the time for them to go away in her little kangaroo, it had to be soon . There was no way she was going to go away and leave me outside. She knows I don't like getting hailed on or blowed away.

However, on the forth time ---or was it the fifth time?--- I scooted out and ran as fast as these adorable little legs could take me to get some shelter and there I stayed for a while. A wee while later I heard the old dear calling for me and I made her laugh when I bounded over the fields and straight through the fence and into the house for a heat and a cuddle.

And there I stayed till my humans came back to me and then I got lots of cuddles which I loved. The wind is still shouting at us so I don't think I will be going out very much again tonight. Maybe just one wee trip before bedtime, but we'll see.

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