Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lots Better

I am much happier today 'cos both my humans have been at home with me and I haven't been left alone even for one single minute and that pleases me MILLIONS!

Even though it was house working day I didn't mind 'cos every now and then my MH would come and find me to give me a cuddle and tell me she loved me and I liked that lots so I am happy. I have spent my day just wandering about my house or lying on the back of my couch resting 'cos it has been a bit too cold and windy for me to go out. I did try a couple of times, but I turned back 'cos it was raining on me. I know I will need to go outside before bedtime, but not yet.

I was a little bit naughty today and that is why my MH has sended you a picture of some of her ornaments. When she was playing on her Wii I decided to do and see what was at the back of our television and although I know I shouldn't be there, I didn't listen when she told me 'no', and I nipped down the back of the unit that it sits on.

She stopped what she was doing and told me to come out and finally when I heard her get a wee bit annoyed I nipped through this top shelf and guess what? I didn't knock down one single little ornament and the old dear was very pleased with me.

I maybe won't go down the back of my television for a wee while----maybe! Hee hee

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