Sunday, 12 March 2017


I had a very good sleep last night all cuddled up beside my MH. At one point, when it was very dark in the middle of the night time, she had to get up and of course, I got up with her and got a wee biscuit before going back to bed, but before we went to sleep again we had a wee chat in the dark time and I just love that. It feels like a special time when we can hear one another but we can't see much. Lovely!

Then I wakened up and I still couldn't see anything, but it wasn't the dark that was making it difficult, it was because it was very misty and when it is like that it feels as though there is nothing at all in the world except my house. I am still not sure if I like that or not. However, by the time we all had finished our breakfast, the mist was beginning to roll away and I could see that the rest of the world was still where it should be, and I was a very relieved little puss.

I did go out to play a few times and I even helped my MH when she was in the gym doing her exercises and I know she is happy when I am in beside her. We had just finished this when my friend S. came to see us and she brought my MH a present of an ornament shaped like a pussy cat which she will put in the garden and I got some biscuits which I will put in my adorable little tummy! Thank you S.

I am snoozing now but I will be going out later on if the rain goes away and then I am sure I will have another good night's sleep.

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