Monday, 27 March 2017

More Good Times

It was bright and sunny when I wakened up this morning. Although I should tell you that when it was bright and sunny, that was the third time I had wakened up through the night and I am afraid my poor old MH was just a tiny tad annoyed with moi!

You see, for some reason known only to my adorable little self, I decided not to go out before my bedtime last night and that meant that I was full of beans in the very early hours of this morning and I thought that the old dear might appreciate a wee game with me. I was sort of wrong---bigtime! It tooked me a long time to waken her and I had to resort to clattering the little light switch off the dressing table mirror until she finally surfaced. I got a wee feed and then we had a chat before she falled asleep again. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I accepted it anyway.

The rest of my day was very good and because it was warm and not windy, my humans could leave the door open for me and I could just nip in and out as much as I wanted and that suited me just fine, and then my MH decided to wash the front windows so she was outside with me and she played with me when she had finished her work.

I had another toy to play with this afternoon when my DH was making something to wrap up a parcel in and he was using an old cardboard box so when he was finished, it became MINE and I played for a long time in it and sometimes I just sat in it for a wee think.

I liked it lots and 'specially when the old dear comed down on to the floor to play with me. That really was the goodest of fun. I think I had better go outside before bedtime or I might be in serious trouble if I waken her up through this night.

I shall let you know.

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  1. Hello dear Squeak = I think you are very polite when you wake up your MH. Megs just walks on me, jumps on me or pokes her paw (with a single claw delicately out) at whichever bit of me is poking out above the bed clothes. Then, once I'm up, Megs fed and me washed and dressed, after a quick check outside, Megs curls up on the sofa and goes to sleep. Just as well I love her. Sending love to you too, and your dear MH and dear DH, Michelle xxx