Monday, 13 March 2017

No Mist

I rushed to the window as soon as I wakened up this morning and I was very happy to see that the world was still there and that all the mist had gone away. It was a bit windy though so I kind of annoyed my MH a wee bit 'cos when she was trying to eat her breakfast I kept asking to go out, but as soon as she opened the window or the door, I saw that it was too blowy and wouldn't go. And I tried this lots of times until she threatened to throw me out. But she didn't, and I know she wouldn't---I think! :-))

I went outside a few times with my DH and we had a wander round the garden and then did some work in the greenhouse. It will soon be time to get it ready for all our plants and I always like that time, so I am getting quite excited already.

It was house working day and all the dusters, brushes and polishes were out so I just did my normal Monday 'thing' and followed her from room to room so that I was always there when she needed to cuddle me and then I would give her a wee purr.

I watched her in the afternoon as she played on her Wii and then I asked her to come down on the floor with me to play with my toys which she did and we played for a long time which was good. When we are playing, she talks to me all the time and that makes me very happy as you can see from this picture.

It just look as though I am having a good giggle. And who knows--maybe I am!

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