Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Not a Lot Better

Well, my day hasn't been all that bad although it could have been better. When my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop, I heard him telling my MH that there was snow in Scotland and I thought that maybe it was coming here to me and I waited all day but it never comed. Sigh.

There was some rain and some wind and it was very cold, so after a couple of very short trips outside, I settled down for a restful day. A friend of ours comed to see my MH and she made a big fuss of me which suited me just fine. I must admit that I did get a little bit excited and I sort of jumped all over my living room which made her and my MH smile a lot.

I spent the rest of my afternoon sitting beside my MH or sleeping on my couch so that means that I don't have very much news for you again, I'm afraid.

I don't think I will have much news for you until the weather gets better and then I can tell you all about my adventures. I just hope you can wait for me till then, although if I ask my MH to play with me tomorrow, we can tell you all about that.

You would like that, sure you would?

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