Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Not Too Bad

It wasn't a great day weather wise, but it didn't keep me in too much. I went out as usual after my breakfast and had a wee sniff round my garden, then back in just in time for my milk which I just love.Me and my MH said cheerio to my DH as he went away away to the Cat Shop and then we had a chat and a cuddle before she started some more housework and I went to my little bed for a sleep till she was finished.

It was quite an easy day in my house but I had a few trips outside and a wee play on the grass. It was a bit too cold for me but I do love being outside. In fact, my love of being outside nearly got me in trouble. When my DH comed back home he had lots of things things to do outside and one of the times when he was going out, I nipped out too but he didn't see me and a while later my MH looked all over the house for me but couldn't find me. She was getting worried when I nipped up on to my window sill and asked to be let in.

She was very happy to see me! I love having all these adventures and I like telling you all about them. I hope you like hearing about what I get up to.

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