Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Oh Dear

Another day all by myself. I shall give you a second or two to digest that sad, sad news. OK? Well, it wasn't really a whole day, it was sort of a half day, or if you want me to be completely accurate, it was four hours. I know, I know, four hours isn't nearly a whole day or even a half day, but when you are a pussy cat who is used to having her humans in the house with her all the time, it is still a very long day to be left all alone.

My DH had to go to the Cat Shop so he went away at half past ten o'clock in this morning and me and my MH had a wee chat and a cuddle until it was time for her to go away at quarter past twelve to go to the dentist, but they both comed home to me at quarter past four o'clock and as soon as I heard the door, I scooted into the kitchen and got a great big cuddle which made me very happy.

So you will understand that I have no news for you, but the good news is that my MH told me that she will be at home with me now all the time and she will make sure that I am not lonely and can have as many cuddles as I like.

I like that news!!

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