Thursday, 23 March 2017

Still Brilliant

I didn't want to be disappointed, so when I wakened up this morning, I just opened one eye and I was so happy to see that it was still a good day that I shot out of the window as soon as my MH opened it. I didn't even wait for my breakfast, and it was only after I had been out for a while that my adorable little tummy told me it was hungry, so I had to go back home for a feed.

My DH was working outside for the whole day and it was such a fine day that my MH left the door open so I was able to wander in and out as much as I wanted. I could go and see what the old boy was doing and that way I was able to avoid the vacuum cleaner, but if my MH was having a rest, then I could get a cuddle, so I really had the best of both worlds.

I helped my MH wash the outsides of our windows and we had lots of fun. Now, when I say 'I helped' I didn't physically help, but I gave her lots of encouragement and I kept her company 'cos I know she likes that a lot.

I went into the gym with her as well and kept an eye on her as her little legs did more of their hard work. I didn't stay in all the time 'cos I needed to have fun in my garden and I knew she was doing OK so I played until I heard her switching off her treadmill and then I ran in to see her and we both went back inside together.

I like this time 'cos she always needs a wee seat, and I usually plonk my adorable little bum on her knee and we sit there for a long time just having a rest and a chat.


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