Saturday, 11 March 2017

Super Saturday

I have had a very good day today, even though I have been called a little monkey--two times! I wakened up full of beans and as soon I heard that there was no wind and no rain, I was even more happy so I sort of started bouncing around the bedroom before the old dear was wakened. Oops!

I jumped up onto the dressing table and clunked the little light switch against the mirror 'cos I know that always wakens her, and it did. We had a wee chat in the quiet before we got up and I liked that. We have to whisper in case we waken my DH although it is very unlikely that would ever happen. I think my MH would need to be yelling before he wakened! Hee hee

Anyway, when she was getting all ready I sort of noticed the plug for one of her chargers so I started to play with that. It was quite safe 'cos it wasn't plugged in, you understand, but that was when monkey number one appeared and my MH told me I had to stop, which I did---eventually! Then I had a long play outside after I had finished up all of my milk and as my DH was outside quite a lot, I had company whenever I wanted, and then when I needed a cuddle, I knew just to nip in through the window and there would be one waiting for me. There is always one waiting for me and I like that lots.

Monkey number two came when my humans were sitting down having their dinner. My MH had tooked off her fleece and put it over the back of her chair and I was having a wee sniff round my kitchen when I noticed something that I knew I would like. Said fleece has a cord to tie it at the bottom and the cord has little knots at the ends and these little knots were sort of lying on the floor. So, I decided that these little knots were not knots but big monsters and I dived on them and killed them. My MH saw what I was doing and she smiled as she watched me wriggling my adorable little bum before making one of my famous leaps onto these monsters and making them very dead. I saved the world!

I know it is all in my imagination but it makes me happy and it makes my MH smile. So that has to be good, sure it does?

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