Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Ups and Downs

Don't worry though 'cos there have been more ups than downs for this adorable little puss. Me and my MH had our usual cosy chat while my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop and I just sat on her knee while she scratched my little lugs and I purred lots and lots.

I had a few wee trips outside into my garden to see if any more of my birdy friends had come back to my little island, but my MH said it is maybe a bit too early yet. I shall keep looking, though. I am getting really good at timing my return for my little drop of milk and today was no exception and as soon as that was finished, I was back outside again.

Our day was a good one after that and I played in my garden and wandered through the fields before going home for a snooze. My MH was doing just little bits of housework and I rested until she was finished but as usual, she comed to find me lots of times so that she could get a cuddle. She went into the gym, but 'cos it was a tad windy, I decided to stay on my little bed till she came back to me again.

It was only when my DH comed home that I had a little mishap and it upset us all. I got shut in the big cupboard again! Oh how sad. Nobody knows how long I was in there 'cos nobody knows how I got in, but I wasn't happy at all. Fortunately, my MH doesn't like to be too long without me and when she noticed I wasn't in the living room, she looked in the bedrooms and when I wasn't there either, she opened the big cupboard door and out I popped, all sad and miserable and she was so upset!

She lifted me up and gave me a big cuddle and I just sat there for a long time while she told me she was sorry. I forgived her, but then I don't know if it was her or my DH that shut the door on me, but whoever it was is forgived.

I am resting now while I recover from the trauma and my MH keeps looking to see that I am where I should be and that makes me very happy.

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