Monday, 10 April 2017

A Fun Monday...

...except for some very heavy rain, but it didn't stop me having lots of fun. I managed to get out to play this morning before the rain started and I had a wander round my garden and through the fields which was good fun like always.

I got a lovely surprise 'cos when I was in the field in front of my house I saw two brand new baby sheeps. Little black sheeps and they were lovely. I liked them lots but it is too early for me to go and see them 'cos the mummy sheep would chase me away. I shall wait till they are a bit older and then I shall introduce my adorable little self to them. AND, there will be lots and lots more for me to play with.

I watched the nice farmer lady next door looking after them in the field and I think lots of those sheeps are just waiting to be mummies, so if I watch very carefully I might see one being borned. I have seen it before and I have to admit that it did make me feel a wee bit all unnecessary and I had to have a lie down for a while, but I am sure I will be fine if I see it again.

I had a rest after my lunch and then I asked my MH to play with me which she did and we had great fun. She played on the floor with me and all my toys and I was a very happy little puss. I am now resting my little head on her keyboard because that way, all my adorable little thoughts go straight onto her screen.

Good thinking, is it not?

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