Monday, 17 April 2017

A Trillion and Four

This counting is easy. Yesterday there were a trillion lambs and today there are four more, so that make s a trillion and four. Easy! I don't know why my MH finds this counting business so hard. It is quite easy really.

I have had a good day although it is still cold on my little island but at least it hasn't been too wet so I got out to play lots of times and I had a wee look at some of the new little baby sheeps. They are so, so lovely and I love watching them bouncing all over the grass. I haven't quite perfected the bounce, but I am still practicing. In fact, I nearly wakened the old dear last night when I decided to have a wee bounce on the bed to see if that made it any easier, but I sort of missed my target and landed on her tummy! Oh dear, I just stood very, very still holding my breath and she falled asleep again. Phew! perhaps I need to change my practice ground.

I got some surprises today when we got visitors to my house. The first one was my friend S. and we had a cuddle and a big long chat before two more of my friends came to see me and my humans and it was lovely 'cos I got lots more cuddles and I made them all laugh when I clattered my chimes to tell my MH that my adorable little tummy was almost running on empty and needed to be filled NOW! I know it sounds a little rude, but one has to look after oneself, doesn't one? Hee hee

It is a nice bright evening so I shall be heading outside shortly to see what is happening and if there are any more little sheeps to be added to my trillion and four.

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