Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Very Good Day

That's what we have all had. First, the weather report. A wee bit on the cool side and a bit windy but no rain, so quite good weather for this little puss.

Next, the Broadband situation. Still not working, but my very bestest friend S. is home from her holidays and she gave my MH a loan of a 'thingy' that she plugs in and can get Broadband till ours comes back from where it has gone, so the Boss is happy and you all know that when she is happy, we are all happy!

They went away to the party last night and as I thought, they left the window open for me and they weren't away from me for too long so I was perfectly all right. It was the birthday party for the nice farmer man next door so I didn't really mind them going away.

I got a very lovely surprise when my friend S. comed in to see me but I got a shock too when I saw her black and blue face and to try and make her feel a bit better, I gived her a big hug and she said that made her feel millions better.

So you can see we have all had a very good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

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