Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Wee Upset

I didn't have a very good night last night. Some of it was my fault and some of it wasn't, but I think the biggest bit was my fault. I need to explain.

At night time I go through to bed with my MH and I lie beside her while she reads and she strokes my adorable little lugs and I like it, but then when she puts out her light I go and find my DH and ask him to let me out. He doesn't go to bed too early so I have still lots of time to play outside. When I am ready to go back in, I just go to the window where there is a light and thump on it and he lets me in. Now, sometimes he wants to go to bed and he comes and calls for me and I go home. OK?

Well, last night he called and called and I was having such a good time that I decided not to go home and by the time I decided I had had enough, the poor old soul had fallen asleep, so yours truly was a wee bit stuck---outside! It was cold and even the sheeps had all gone to sleep and to tell the truth I was getting a wee bit frightened and cold and sad. And I wanted my MH!

I snuggled up as best as I could and then I saw my kitchen light come on and then the porch light and I got so excited 'cos I heard the door open and my MH was calling for me and I scooted into my house as quickly as I possible could and I got the biggest cuddle EVER 'cos my MH thought I was lost and she was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She had wakened up and couldn't find me and was very worried but as soon as she saw me, we were both very happy. I had a wee feed and then snuggled up beside her and to be honest I haven't wanted to leave her today.
I didn't really like it and I will make sure I won't do that again!

I have had a good day but a very quiet one and although I have had a couple of trips outside I have been happier inside with my humans, but I am back to my happy adorable little self again.

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