Tuesday, 11 April 2017

All Alone Again

I am not happy about being abandoned, but as it was a really bad day, I was very happy to wave my humans off and nip back to my little bed.

However, that means no news for you but I am well and I was very happy when they comed back to me and I made my MH smile 'cos when when she was trying to change out of her good clothes, I kept nudging her with my nose and asking for cuddles--- which I got, of course!

I have also heard them saying that they both have to go away in the boat tomorrow again, BUT, my little weather man told me that my little island is going to be very windy and that there might even be gale type winds, so I don't think they will be going anywhere! Yippee!

I haven't told them yet, 'cos sometimes my little weather man gets it a wee bit wrong, but I am hoping he is right tomorrow.

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