Saturday, 15 April 2017

And Still More...

... but I am afraid I can't tell you how many 'cos it was raining today so my MH didn't go out too much and the little sheeps were sheltering out of the rain, but I did see two new little black sheeps and when I told my MH she tooked this picture for you. I think they are lovely and I know I am going to have lots of little friends to play with as soon as the mummy sheeps let me.

My DH told me and the Boss that when he was walking down the path, he had to pass one of the mummy sheeps and she stared at him but when he got close to her she started to stamp her foot on the ground and then he noticed that one of her little babies was sleeping, so he went away another way and the mummy sheep was happy.

I have been in and out quite a lot today and I managed not to get wet which made me very happy. I played with my MH and the string that was still in my kitchen and I liked that but I runned about so much that it made me sleepy, so I decided to have a little nap. And don't I look cute?

One of my big birdie friends came for his dinner and although it is really for the little birdies, he managed to get something to eat before he flied away again.

I hope you all have a very lovely Easter. My MH says she can't wait till tomorrow 'cos she has a big Easter egg to open and I know that will make her happy although I don't know if her little Wii Mii will be happy---- but I'm not even going to mention that!

Wise AND adorable! Hee hee

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