Thursday, 6 April 2017

Good and Bad...

... but mainly good. My MH told me last night that she was going to be away from me all day today and that made me a wee bit sad. I don't mind her doing her own things, but I don't like when she isn't here with me. See? Anyway, we both had a very good sleep and when the alarm went off in this morning, she looked out of the window and saw the wind and the rain---well, she saw the rain and heard the wind--but whatever it was, she didn't like it and she decided to stay home with me and the old boy. Yippee, I was a very happy Squeak and I didn't even complain when she tooked out the vacuum cleaner and the dusters 'cos I knew that as soon as she was finished there would be big cuddles and playtimes for me.

It hasn't been a good day for weather and yours truly had to be persuaded a couple of times to go outside. I have a feeling I am stretching the old dear's patience a wee bit but once the good weather is back to my little island again, it will all be fine.

The good news bit of my day came when my DH bringed our box of messages back from the pier and it was all tied up with string so we all played for a long time in my kitchen and that made me very happy.

I am kind of hoping for more bad weather tomorrow 'cos I overhead my humans saying that they would go to Kirkwall if it was a good day tomorrow, so my adorable little paws are all crossed for some more rain and wind---but just till they have missed the boat and then I want better weather for me.

That's not too much to ask for,is it?

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