Saturday, 8 April 2017

Good Fun...

... but I was a wee bit sick today. Just a tiny bit and I got a great big cuddle to make me better. Maybe I ate something outside I shouldn't have--I don't know, but I am very fine now.

It has been another outside day and I have loved it. I do like when I can be outside and the window can stay open so I can get back in whenever I like. I helped my MH do her exercises again and then we played on the grass for a while. She was telling me it will soon be time for the lawn mower to appear which is a shame but I s'pose the old dear has to keep my grass nice and short for us to play on.

I made my DH laugh out loud this morning 'cos when he comed outside I was stalking a birdie and he told my MH that my adorable little tummy was right down on the grass and I was going as slowly as I could without being stopped. She laughed too 'cos she has seen me doing this and always thinks it is funny. By the way, I didn't catch the birdie 'cos it flied away before I reached it.

So, I don't have a lot of news but my day has been a very good one and I hope you have had a good day too.

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