Sunday, 30 April 2017

Just Normal....

...but I like normal. Normal suits me fine. We all had a long sleep today 'cos it was Sunday and that is a quiet, no house-working day in my house so I like that. My DH did some work in our greenhouse and I went to help him and had a little chat to my plants. The old boy is happy 'cos all the plants are looking like they are quite healthy, but he still doesn't accept that it is because I talk to them. One day he will!

My MH did wee bits of work on her computer and I was able to cuddle up beside while she was doing this and that was good. I did go out to play quite a few times but it is still a bit cool and a wee bit windy. While I was having one of my little naps, I heard the old dear telling my DH that she is hoping to take the lawn mower out this week as our grass is getting a bit long, but it will all depend on the weather, and you all know what I think, don't you? I have to admit that I do like the grass when it is all cut and tidy, it is just the mower I am not too keen on. Sigh.

There isn't very much news for you at all, but we are all very well and we have had a very good weekend and I hope that applies to you too.

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