Thursday, 27 April 2017

Magic Mummy Human

I don't know what she is doing but we still don't have Broadband so she does something with her phone and her computer and manages to get a message to you which makes me very happy.

I have had a very good day in and out lots of times talking to my little lamb friends. There are millions of them now and they are starting to bounce all over the field in front of my house and I have been bouncing as well but where nobody can see me 'cos I haven't quite got it right yet, but I am sure that with a little bit of practice I will get as good as the little sheeps.

I don't have much news but I am happy and so are my humans. The old dear was away to see my friend S.'s pussy cat just to keep her company for a little while but when she comed home she told me that I was still her very, very favourite and that she loved me millions!

I would expect nothing less!

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