Friday, 14 April 2017

More Little Friends.

Now, if I could count then I could tell you how many new little baby lambs have arrived today, but I can't. However, I can ask the Boss to count them and I will tell you tomorrow? OK? I just know that there were lots more in the field when I went out to play this morning. Some are black and some are white but every single one is adorable---just like me!

Me and my MH had a very good day and my DH had a good day too, but he went away to Kirkwall and comed back with all my MH's messages and tomato plants for him and me as well as some flower seeds for our pots to make the garden look lovely. The tomatoes are all in our greenhouse having a wee drink 'cos they were thirsty by the time he got them home. I shall go and have a look at them tomorrow and decide which one will be mine. Oh, I am quite excited! I just hope I can sleep tonight otherwise my MH will not be happy with me.

I have had a very good day just doing Squeak things and I helped my MH in the gym. She thought I might like to stay inside while her little legs did all their hard work but as soon as she opened the door, I scooted out and was in the gym before her, so she just let me stay and help her and we both liked it.

I am now in my usual spot which is on my couch cuddled up beside my MH and my adorable little head is on her laptop again and right now everything is wonderful in my little world and I am very, very happy!

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