Tuesday, 25 April 2017

No Snow

I was a wee bit disappointed when I wakened up this morning 'cos there was no snow. My little weather man friend had told me that there might be another wee drop through the night, but it didn't come to my little island. I waited all day but still it didn't come. Sigh!

It has been very cold on my little island so I have spent most of the day inside my house just playing with my humans and watching what they were doing. My MH went away out to do crafty things with her friends and I just waited patiently till she comed home to me again and I gave her a great big cuddle 'cos I had missed her and 'cos she was cold.

She liked that lots and so did I. I might go out for a while later on but it is windy so I will have to have a think and I always think best when I am sitting on my MH's knee. So guess where I am heading now? Hee hee

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