Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Still Counting

I think I have another trillion but my adorable little brain got tired when I was counting the new baby sheeps so maybe I am a wee bit wrong. There are lots of new little lambs outside my house. Some are white, some are black and some are black and white but they are all beautiful.

I have had a good day and have been out playing lots of times just watching the sheeps and listening to the birdies. There are more and more coming to my little island every day and when I go out, I can hear them singing to me and I like it.

I was so busy having good fun outside that I missed helping my MH to change our beds and I was a tad disappointed 'cos it is my very favourite game but by the time I went back home she was all finished. It wasn't a total disaster though 'cos when she saw how disappointed I was, she played with me and cuddled me until I was all happy and undisappointed again.

I was a wee bit sad for my MH in this afternoon 'cos she was hanging out her washing and the rope broke and that made her a bit not happy, but when I runned up the pole to see if I could fix the rope she smiled again and I was happy too.

I can always make her smile and we both like that.

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