Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Question....

.... for my little weather man friend. What has happened to the hot weather and when will it be back? Oh, is that two questions? My counting isn't very good, I'm afraid, but then I am only a pussy cat, albeit a very adorable one, but still a pussy cat.

However, although the weather wasn't really to my liking, I gathered up all my intrepidness which I had carefully packed away for the summer, and went out to play and once I was outside I liked it so much that I stayed out for a long, long time and discovered that if I found a wee place out of the breeze it was really quite warm. As usual, I was back at just the right time for my wee drink of milk and then I just spent the rest of my day in and out enjoying myself.

I helped both my humans with whatever they needed me for and then I had lots of 'me' time just playing in my garden or in the long grass listening to the birdies. The swallows are on some bits of my little island but they haven't come back to my bit yet and although I love watching them, I hate when they dive bomb me and I'm afraid they do that to me lots.

So, although it has been a bit cooler that I would like, I still have had a very good day, but if my little weather man friend can send me some warm sunshine, I will be a very happy little Squeak.

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