Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Super Day

I have had a very good day indeed and I have loved every single minute of it. My DH was away at the Cat shop as usual and it was just me and my MH but we had the very bestest of fun.

It was a cracking day with warm sunshine and just a little breeze, so the old dear started off by cutting the grass and I did my best to help her. I didn't actually DO anything, but followed her around at a safe distance and purred encouragement and she liked that lots.

When she was finished, she stayed outside with me for a long time and it was just brilliant. I spent lots of time on my own just wandering about the long grass and doing pussycat things which was just magic.

I hope we have a good day tomorrow 'cos both my humans have to go to Stromness and I am to be left all alone, but if the weather is good, then they can leave the window open and I can still have a very good day.

My adorable little paws are crossed!

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