Friday, 5 May 2017

And Even More!

This is just a very quick message before I go to sleep to tell you that I have had a super duper day. In fact it has been one of the superest duperest days ever!

The weather was even better than yesterday and it was lovely and warm, so me and my humans have been outside all day. I helped the old dear wash all the windows and then we pruned the honeysuckle bush. In fact, yours truly nearly got pruned a couple of times and it is just a good job that my MH has good eyesight or I might not be able to tell you this! I just sort of kept jumping into the middle of the bush at nearly the wrong time, but I was fine.

I have been left on my own again tonight 'cos the humans were at another party, but this time I didn't mind 'cos it was my friend J.'s special birthday and my MH has comed home with the brilliantest news that he might come to see me tomorrow 'cos he misses me!

I am really excited so I am going to sleep now so that I will be wide awake when he comes. So night night everyone. Sleep well.

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