Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another Bestest Day

I am just the happiest little Squeak in the en-tire world tonight! Mind you, I am also the tiredest little Squeak in the world as well, but I have had a fantabulous day and have loved every minute of it.

The weather was very good and my little weather man friend told me it is going to get hotter as the days go on, but that's OK as long as it is not raining or blowing a gale and it wasn't doing them today.

Both my humans were at home and my DH decided to do lots of work in the garden, so he was always there when I went outside which I liked. I am happy on my own but I just love it when one or both of my humans are outside with me. My MH came out lots of times to see what he was doing and she was very pleased with him so that was good. I made them laugh again when I ran half way up the clothes pole and then sort of hanged there for AGES before I plopped back onto the grass again. I like doing that and I am very good at it now.

I visited the Boss a couple of times in the gym but I didn't stay inside too long 'cos I was having too much fun outside, and she didn't mind 'cos she likes to see me happy.

And oh boy I was VERY happy.

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