Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Another Good Day

I am having lots of fun. I am very much a summer type of puss cat and even though the summer today wasn't brilliant---in fact it was raining-- I still had lots of times outside and lots of fun at the same time.

There are lots of sheeps round about my house so I always have company. I asked the Boss to take some photographs of them for you, so I hope you like them. There are some very beautiful little lambs and I just love sitting on the grass just watching them. I have decided that puss cats are not built for doing the silly jumps that the little lambs do. Well, this little puss isn't built for it, so I have stopped practicing.

I made a discovery today which has upset me just a little bit. The V-E-T man or lady is coming to see me on Thursday morning and I know he or she is bringing the ginormous needle to stick right into my adorable little bones. Aaaargh!! The only good thing--- if there is a good thing---is that I don't have to get stuck into my basket and go away on the boat. The vet person is coming to the island to see the cows and so will see me at the same time and because it is in my own house, I won't be frightened at all 'cos my MH will be holding me and telling the vet person what a brilliant puss I am.

I am sure that will be very obvious as soon as he or she steps into my kitchen! Hee hee

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