Monday, 15 May 2017

Another Week Begins

So, it is Monday again and it is still a bit wet. I had to be very careful when I asked to be let out 'cos I didn't want to get wet but I needed some fresh air, so I watched out of the window and as soon as it looked as though the rain had stopped, I shot into my garden and played until it comed back on again. So it all worked out quite well, really.

Anyway, the old boy went away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop but my MH was very glad she didn't have to go on the boat 'cos the sea was a lot bouncy and she doesn't like getting on and off when the boat is jumping up and down, but my DH is OK with it, so off he went and me and her had a seat together on my couch and a wee chat before she pulled out her dusters and the vacuum cleaner and then off she went round my house while I followed her and watched her doing all her work.

We had a play on top of my bed and then I played hide and Squeak which is my very favourite game. I hided under the blanket and she couldn't see me so she called my name. I stayed so very, very still so that she wouldn't find me but guess what gave the game away AGAIN? Yep, my little wagger went into overdrive with all the excitement and my MH finded me and tickled me and I just loved it MILLIONS! I try to pretend that I am annoyed with my adorable little tail, but actually I am very happy when it gives the game away 'cos I love getting tickled.

So, that has been my day and a very good one it has been. I haven't done very much but I have loved everything that I have done and I hope you have had a very good day too.

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